Laser Hair Removal

Are you looking for a laser hair removal service that uses the pain-free and crystal-free technology? Here at Stak Hair Studio, you are guaranteed with a service that centres the needs of the customers.

We are one of the leading laser hair removal service providers in Birmingham and we specialise in a wide variety of treatments that will provide every customer a chance to see the new version of themselves. Using our laser hair removal treatment with the state-of-the-art technology, customers are guaranteed to reduce the hair growth for up to 90%. Our clinic has a safe ecosystem for everyone with different needs, with strict medical protocols. Regardless of the skin tone you have, we got you covered. All these and more – only here at Stak Hair Studio!

Welcome and Enjoy Our Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The good news about the laser hair removal treatment from Stak Hair Studio is that it can be used to treat any kinds of skin tone. Also, our practitioner will have the adjustment in the procedure to find a suitable solution that will fit your skin type and hair type. For example, the laser with the longer wavelength is used for darker skin because it can go deeper. It can even bypass the skin melanin so burning can be avoided. Thus, laser hair removal treatment can also work best for those patients with dark skin types.

Our Laser Hair Removal Treatment

We have a wide variety of laser hair removal treatment that guarantees a pain-free and crystal-free technology. Our service includes the following:

  • FREE Laser Hair Removal Consultation
  • Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Underarms Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Bikini Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Upper Chin and Jawline Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Full Face Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Full Legs Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Men Full Body Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)
  • Women Full Body Laser Hair Removal (single treatment or sessions)

We can offer the customers the option to do the treatment in a single session or multiple sessions. Of course, the price will vary depending on the sessions you choose. However, we suggest that they should opt for multiple sessions as we guarantee discounts and 0% interest-free credit. Save up to 20% on the fees and enjoy the pain-free treatment.

What to Expect On Your Appointment Date?

After calling us, we will set a date for your free consultation. On consultation procedure, we will be having a patch test. This test will let us identify what type of lases is suited for your skin type and help us adjust so we can obtain the best possible result.

Behind all these, we keep in mind to guarantee the highest safety at all times, giving you a peace of mind that you are in good hands. We communicate with the customers and listen to their need before applying any procedure to ensure they don’t have medical conditions of skin concerns that could possibly affect the process and the result of the treatment.

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